Topic: Awesome Spanish start-up is looking for a Java and database developer

Candidate profile:


- Experienced Java programmer –ability to code from scratch without external help
- Deep understanding and experience with relational databases and Java (JDBC)
- Good knowledge of the SQL language
- Proficient with DVCSs such as git or mercurial
- Exclusively uses Linux or UNIX as main OS

We would also appreciate:
* Knowledge and experience with J2EE
* PostgreSQL experience –developer and/or DBA
* Schema-less (aka NoSQL) expertise

Other valued, but not mandatory skills:

* Having created and contributed open source software
* Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience
* Ability with the C programming language

Your tasks:

You'll be working neck-to-neck with our best coders to create the most innovative and revolutionary products in the database middleware space. And you'll have the support from a certified instructor and AWS certified, technical specialist to teach and assist you in your job.

Your task is going to be programming hard-code Java, designing and implementing powerful algorithms and technologies and testing and benchmarking them.

We offer:

- Indefinite contract
- Competitive Salary: 1.916€/month Gross (approx. 1.470€/month Net) or 1.500€/month gross (approx. 1.200€/month net) + housing in a 70sq m modern loft next to the office
- Work in Madrid, Spain. 2691h/year of sunshine, two weeks per year of working remotely from Lithuania
- At least one week per year of combined work-and-fun in Ibiza
- Latest generation Apple laptop (running Ubuntu) + 24” monitor
- Personal IntelliJ license (which may be kept forever, despite working for us or not)

About the company:

We're PostgreSQL and database experts. As a spin-off startup of NOSYS, a long-standing and high-expertise, software consulting company, we're set to develop some of the most innovative and revolutionary products in the PostgreSQL arena, as well as the database world in general.

We have private funding and are building the best possible, geek team, to develop our products. And you would be part of this process since the beginning. Almost all the developed source code is going to be open source.

If we caught your interest, please apply here: … -90-847a7e